onsdag 19 februari 2014



      In 1992 En Vogue sang “Be colorblind, don't be so shallow” in their well known song Free Your Mind. Back then, their Message was to stop concentrating on the color of someone's skin and accept them as a human being. An important message to spread across the World.

However, today, colorblindness has become somewhat of a negative term. Why is that? This article I'm sharing here implies that most of the people who state that they don't even notice the color of someone's skin, are in reality showing signs of (concealed) racism.

     When my friend shared it on Facebook the other day, it got me thinking. And I must admit that I also felt a bit provoked, because I considered myself to be a bit colorblind, in the En Vogue way. On the other hand, I never said any of the things this article considers to be given for “colorblind” people, except maybe the first example. Because we all are just people, and no one is going to make me change my mind about it.

But, it's important for me to explain what I meant with my case of colorblindness. One shouldn't ignore the fact that not all people on this planet are white, nor should one pretend they all are. Because they are not. Mankind is so full of diversity, and that's one of our most beautiful characteristics. We should treasure it, respect it, celebrate it. We should, under no circumstances, make it something that divides us. 

So, don't be colorblind, be color-respectful!

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